Meet the 2014 & 2015 Titanium Titan Robots:
Atlas is on the left and Chromethius is on the right.
The 2014 Titanium Titans FIRST Robotics Team #4467
The Titanium Titans is a robotics club for high school students in Western Pennsylvania. Titanium Titans also supports FRC teams as well as robotics programs for elementary and junior high students.
The Titanium Titans Pit
During competition the robot returns to the pit between matches for maintenance and modifications.
The Titanium Titans Battle Gear
Along with silver pants, Titanium Titans are easy to find.
The 2014 Greater Pittsburgh Regional at the California University of Pennsylvania
With founder Dean Kamen.

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Upcoming Events

Thur. 10/9/14, 6-8:30 PM:  Team Meeting
Wed. 10/15/14, 6-8:30 PM:  Team Meeting
Wed. 10/22/14, 6-8:30 PM:  Team Meeting
Thur. 10/23/14, 6-8:30 PM:  Team Meeting
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There are many ways to be a part of the efforts to inspire and educate the next generation of scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians.  Without sponsors, Titanium Titans would not be able to gain access to training facilities, machines, computers, software programs, or materials needed to design and build state-of-the art robots.  In addition to all that goes into creating the robots, we also incur the costs of travel and competition, which is where we ultimately get to test our skills and demonstrate our success.  While it is critical to obtain financial support, there are many other ways a sponsor can also offer support to the team.  Could you be a mentor or a consultant and donate your skills to teach?  Do you have materials that we could use to build a robot?    Check out the following links to see how you can get involved: Sponsorship Levels,  Make a DonationWish List: Make an In-kind Donation,  Help Wanted:  Mentors & Consultants.

Robo NewsRobotics in the News
Check out some of the latest and greatest stories about robotics!

--A restaurant in China is using more than a dozen robots to cook & deliver food!

--Meet the "Luke Arm"- One of the most advanced prostheses. 


  1. Titanium Titans Teams
  2. Titanium Titans is a robotics club serving students in Western Pennsylvania. The team's mission is to inspire school-aged students to participate in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) activities; and to explore future STEM career paths.  While developing a pipeline of talent from elementary through high school, Titanium Titans Robotics empowers students to succeed in those fields. In addition to ROBOTICS WORKSHOPS for younger students, Titanium Titans supports two FIRST Robotics teams:
  3. FRC #4467:  FIRST Robotics Challenge 
  4. FTC #8510: FIRST Tech Challenge 
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STEM Outreach

The Titanium Titans is dedicated to not only developing the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) knowledge of it's team members, but also that knowledge of others in our community. Throughout the year we host camps and clinics to teach others a variety of STEM skills.  Our goal is not only to educate, but to inspire others to get excited about STEM.  Click on the icon above to learn more about our STEM outreach activities.  

News Story:  Titanium Titans Up & Programming...


Robotics Wiki

Titanium Titans is proud to have created a resource for the entire robotics community to share.  While still in it's beginning stages, the dream is to create a resource that everyone can help build.  Titanium Titans hope one day that the Robotics Wiki will be the premiere source for information regarding all things robotics. This resource will be the place to go for training materials, best practices, and veteran insights from around the world.